Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
P19AS00517 Stabilize and Repair Deteriorated Stone Foundation of the Quartermasters storehouse
NPS 19 NERO 0048 Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site - Operations and Management
NPS NOIP19AC00041 GLNF-CESU Determine Changes in Rare Plant Abundance and Diversity at APIS
P18AS00630 PWR Cultural Landscapes Inventory Internship
NPS 18 NERO 0058 Youth Perform Cyclic Maintenance on Ruins at ALPO
NPS 18 NERO 0035 Youth Interns Expand Outreach and Improve Visitor Experience
P18AS00307 MAPR Cultural Landscapes Inventory for Tech Area 18
P18AS00294 Connecting Lake Clark Dena'ina to Archaeological Work on Kontrashibuna and Upper Tazimina Lakes at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
P18AS00260 Youth Engagement within Facilities Management at Southern Idaho Parks
P18AS00132 YCC Crew- Yavapai-Apache Nation
P18AS00047 Digital Media Student Project
P18AS00035 Grassland and Habitate Enhancement at San Juan Islands National Historic Park (SAJH)
NOIP16AC00012 001 Centennial Cadet Scholars Program - CHYO
NOIP16AC00340 Monitoring Bats in National Parks of the Upper Midwest - GLKN
P17AS00444 Ecological Restoration and Landscape Revegetation at Four Pacific Northwest Parks
P17AS00576 Conserve Archeology Collections
P17AS00551 Conduct Oral History for Meridian Hill
NPS 17 NERO 0075 Tsongas Industrial History Center Partnership Park Unit: Lowell National Historical Park
NPS 17 NERO 0038 Cultural Landscape Planning Resource Assistant
NPS NOI MACA 17 22861 Interpretation Park Guide Interns
P17AS00081 Terrestrial Monitoring Intern for the Southeast Coast Network of the NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program
P17AS00062 Monitoring Surveys to Support Long-Term Monitoring of Bird Communities
P17AS00038 Conservation Legacy Restoration Crew
P17AS00017 Local Youth Employment in Southern Arizona


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